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Kayak  Extreme K1 Bait Dipper

Is 5 gallon Kayak bait bucket that bungees onto the back of your kayak with a removable bait strainer to allow you to deliver your bait to your lap and an easy drop back system that slides back into your bait bucket. No more dragging bait pails or trying to reach back and catch a bait.

with Its Built-In Bait Strainer All-In-One Aerator, Flashlight, Tackle Box, Flip Top Opening, Bait Window and a high volume mini aerator pump this is a must for kayak Fishing. 

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Kayak Bait Bucket Aerator Top
Great for wade Fishing
with a basket that floats
Kayak Buckets Kayak Bait Aerator Kayak Night Aerator Bucket

This product speaks for itself with a built in dip net that retrieves the bait from your bucket faster than any conventional net or your hands. Can float alongside of you in the water when stationery fishing or when you want to get out of your kayak to wade fish.

Extreme-Kayak-Fishing Kayak-Extreme-Paddle-Board-Fishing w/ Bait Dipper
Kayak Fishing with a Bait Bucket Kayak-Fishing-Bait-Bucket

In the past you would chase the bait around in your bait bucket stressing them out. You would Loose your net or the net would get hung up in the aerator hose that hangs inside your bait bucket. But with the aerated Kayak EXTREME K1 Bait Dipper  the problem has been solved. The aerated Kayak EXTREME K1 Bait Dipper  has a bait retrieval system that raises up the bait without the bait realizing what is going on and in turn putting less stress on them. The aerated Kayak EXTREME K1 Bait Dipper  has a built in aerator system that is combined with a tackle box and a long lasting high volume mini air pump that can run on 1 or 2 9v batteries. The Kayak EXTREME K1 Bait Dipper  removable tackle box comes with a built in high intensity led light for night fishing and or illuminating the bait and the surrounding area like a lantern.

Kayak Bait Buckets Kayak Bait Bucket

Kayak Bait Bucket Aerator Cut in Half Bait Lid Open on Kayak Bait Bucket Kayak Bucket
EXTREME K2 Bait Dipper
 is made for the Kayak Fisherman who likes to carry a lot of bait

EXTREME K2 Bait Dipper  comes with dual high volume mini pumps and (3) 9v battery storage.
Add $27.00

An Aerator bait bucket that will Withstand time

Kayak Rod Holders Bait Dipper Rod Holders Kayak-Rod_Holders
Bait Dipper   Rod holders
This is a perfect add on if you plan on trolling a live bait behind you or holding your fishing rods while Kayaking.
Made with schedule 40 PVC and easy to install order yours today.

Here Is The Scoop

The Kayak EXTREME K1 Bait Dipper Aerator Bait Bucket All-In-One is a unique design that features a tackle box with a built in aerator and a flashlight. The Kayak EXTREME K1 Bait Dipper  bungees into the back of your Kayak with a removable full height bait strainer that will allow you to bring your bait around to your lap and with ease you can drop the strainer back into your bucket. The bait strainer floats in case you want to get out and wade fish or just keep your bait next to you while you fish. With this product you will have no drag or interference as you paddle through the water when kept in the bucket behind you and does not spook the fish as the float along. The K1 comes with 1 pump or you can order the K2 for dual pumps both run off 9v batteries. The easy to remove tackle box provides light on your bait as well as a detachable flash light for night rigging. The View through aerator bucket lid allows you to keep an eye on your bait at all times. With the single handle attached to the bait strainer that raises your live bait with ease out of your bucket and does not exhaust your bait like conventional nets do. The bait strainer allows the air to travel through the center of the net releasing the bubbles at a center point in the bucket therefore keeping the circulating bait out of the air column and out of their own waste. The Kayak EXTREME K1 Bait Dipper  aerator bucket also has mounting tabs for carrying your fishing accessories.

HP Series Varies see HP Features
5 Gallon Rope Handle Bait Bucket with Built-in Accessory Tabs
2 Bungee Hold Down Straps
2 Aluminum Accessory Hanger Clips
Bait Dipper Tackle Box with a 6 Compartment Storage Space,
1 Mini High Volume Aerator Pump
 LED Light
Durable Bait Strainer
Air Stone
American Crafted
1 Year Limited Warranty

Bait Eater

are you catching or just plain fishing

Bait eater

Order your Kayak EXTREME K1 Bait Dipper  Today and we promise you will be pleased

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Bait Dipper is the #1 bucket station for your live bait needs

catching fish is our specialty

Bait Dipper Aerator

Kayak Fishing has never been better using the #1 Bait Bucket made for Kayaks. 
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